Why Run Deals in DV360?

March 31, 2020

In the early days of online advertising, buyers had to send out RFPs and wade through countless rounds of emails and contract negotiations to purchase ad space on websites — a process that required immense time and resources. When programmatic buying came along, it brought with it a bevy of benefits, including improved workflow, lower CPMs, measurable performance and the ability to target audiences directly. However, it didn’t guarantee the same inventory as going directly to a publisher. 

When you run deals in Google Display & Video 360 (DV360), you get the best of both worlds: Private Auctions, Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals that offer control of placements and  workflow simplicity and efficiency. 

DV360 offers inventory and publishers across guaranteed and non-guaranteed buying types in a single tool, including Private Auctions, Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals. Since you’ll still have the flexibility to choose which option to use, it’s important to understand the definitions, differences and best use cases for each. 


  1. Private Auction
    A non-guaranteed Private Auction (PA) is a one-publisher-to-multiple-advertisers relationship where the publisher makes a portion of their non-guaranteed inventory available for purchase at a negotiated minimum-floor price for each private buyer. The inventory goes to the highest bidder.When to use?
  • When you see a certain app or URL is performing well in the open marketplace 
  • When you want access to more premium inventory or unique ad formats than currently available in the open marketplace but without a spend commitment or fixed CPM
  1. Preferred Deal
    A non-guaranteed Preferred Deal (PD) is an exclusive, advertiser-to-publisher relationship for programmatically purchasing inventory with first-look access to custom inventory at a fixed CPM.When to use?
  • When you have specific publishers on which to serve ads but no spend commitments
  • When you don’t want to worry about the actualized CPM of a specific publisher
  1. Programmatic Guaranteed Deal
    Programmatic Guaranteed Deals (PG) provide an automated buying solution with tagless trafficking, advanced targeting and consolidated reporting and billing. PG deals allow you to execute direct buys with publishers while eliminating manual processes.When to use?
  • When you want to lock in the same inventory as a direct buy, such as a homepage takeover
  • When you want to ease into programmatic buying while maintaining the same buy you currently have

Benefits of Running Deals in DV360 vs Buying Direct

There are multiple reasons to consider running deals in DV360 versus buying direct. These benefits apply to all deal types: 

  • Consolidation of billing, planning, measurement and attribution
  • Control of launch and activation
  • Cohesive, real-time view of media spend, detailed historical data and unique insights
  • Target or exclude first- or third-party audience lists 
  • Ability to apply a single-frequency cap across open auction and reservation deals, leading to a higher reach and lower impression waste
  • Reduce the complexity of your media mix
  • Simplified measurement studies due to platform consolidation 
  • Shop, negotiate and compare in the GMP Marketplace
  • Reduced errors from manual trafficking and invoicing with seamless tagging and trafficking
  • Pass on reservation impressions to meet a campaign-level frequency goal

Non-guaranteed Private Auctions and Preferred Deals and Programmatic Guaranteed Deals also come with their own benefits over traditional direct buys:  

Private Auction and Preferred Deal Benefits: 

  • Optimizations can be made in bulk 
  • Easily shift media spend between inventory sources
  • Start and stop deals without spend commitments or contracts
  • Access to essential inventory and formats like standard IAB sizes, native, video, audio, run of site and run of category at lower CPMs 
  • Pacing thresholds can be controlled by your team
  • Control of brand safety and other targeting specifications

Programmatic Guaranteed Deal Benefits: 

  • Terms and conditions can be held in DV360 rather than emails or PDFs
  • Streamlined workflow for setup and management
  • Simplified access to premium inventory like homepage takeovers, sponsorships, section buyouts and newsletters

Real-World Results

As a company with a self-professed “data obsession,” it should come as no surprise that we’ve crunched the numbers. After all, what’s a list of benefits without real-world results to back them up?

  • Google reported that Programmatic Guaranteed Deals took 57% less time to set up and manage than traditional direct ads. 
  • BCG measured the direct reservation process vs Programmatic Guaranteed Deals through value stream mapping and reported a 29% efficiency gain, which could then be reinvested. 
  • Also according to BCG, one agency “saw a 67% increase in click-through rates and a 20% rise in view-through rates” using Programmatic Guaranteed Deals layered with first-party advertiser data. 
  • Nielsen reported 10% better control of frequency and 11% more reach using DV360 vs fragmented buying with separate buying tools.

Riding the Waves of Change with DV360

Despite the benefits inherent in programmatic advertising, direct buying isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, due to an increase in privacy regulations and a projected decrease in cookie tracking in 2020, direct media buying is actually experiencing a resurgence. Luckily, advertisers no longer have to fear these types of changes or choose between the convenience of programmatic advertising and the control of direct buying when they run deals in DV360. 

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