Webinar: What If Search Could?

November 6, 2020

Apologies, but this webinar has concluded. Check out our Resources & Insights Library for upcoming events.

Search is the most legacy form of digital marketing, yet it still garners the majority of marketing budget consumption to this day. It represents the highest channel for conversions, remains the strongest signal for user purchase intent and is all anchored to a proven architecture that has scaled easily over the decades of ad tech flux. 

But what more can Search do? Why are we still beholden to decade-old optimizer methods? As marketers looking into 2021, let’s get curious.

We’ll be your digital captain as it relates to navigating future-proofing tactics and stack consolidation. We’ll explore innovative tactics all under the lens of Search and discuss how to make it work for you, including:

  1. Where you need to play in order to get that competitive edge 
  2. How to utilize advanced features like Predictive Bidding for LTV, Semantics or Churn and Propensity Models. 
  3. Other tools such as Business side powered Recommendation Engines, Visualization Suites, Data Warehousing, Scaling to New Frontiers and more.

What if Search could?

Tools cannot replace understanding, information is not intimacy, optimization growth is not business growth, data does not hold context, and silos kill agility. Can search transcend these in the age of hyper-personalization and data governance? Can Search be the bridge for that assumption gap between predictive, data, and real human models? And, can it be easy?

Search Can. 

Webinar: What If Search Could? When: December 2nd at 11:00 am MDT. This webinar has concluded.