Webinar Q&A: What’s New in Google Analytics 4 – You Asked… We Answered!

December 1, 2020

Adswerve Head of Innovation Charles Farina is back at it with a new webinar about the recently released Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Previously dubbed App + Web, GA4 offers several key updates, including using a new event-driven model for tracking across your web and app properties and an entirely redesigned user interface. Plus, it gives you a slew of additional features and options. Dive into them, and get advice for when to switch to GA4 when you watch the webinar recording.

In the meantime, here’s a quick high-level GA4 Q&A (there are more technical how-to details in the recording): 

Q: When will GA4 be fully functional, and when does Google plan to deprecate the current Universal Analytics/Google Analytics (GA) version?

A: Google is working on adding functionality to GA4 and will continue to do so over the next six to 12 months. As far as deprecating GA, that remains to be seen. Google says it’s too early to discuss at this point.

Q: If I start using GA4, but decide I don’t want to continue, can I revert back to GA?

A: Actually, GA and GA4 are separate properties, so it doesn’t work like that. In essence, GA4 isn’t an upgrade that takes into account your data; it’s a different property altogether, and the data for each property stays separate.

Q: Okay, if they’re separate and I install GA and GA4 in parallel, will I run into hit limits?

A: No, GA4 has no hit limits and won’t impact your current GA limits.

Q: I’m not quite ready to use GA4 yet, but when I set up a new property in GA, it defaulted to creating one in GA4. How can I avoid this?

A: After you click “Create Property” in GA, scroll down to “Show Advanced Options” and click. There, you’ll have the option to create a Universal Analytics property.

Q: I’m a more basic user. Should I use GA4 now?

A: For more basic users, GA4 might not be the best place to start because the features you need are more mature and robust in GA, so it may be easier to use for now. Eventually, you’ll want to switch to GA4.

Q: Will there be a 360 version available? If so, when?

A: Yes, there are plans to create an enterprise version. Stay tuned for more details from Google in the coming year.

Q: How does data sampling work in GA4?

A: In GA, your reports start unsampled, but if you have a high volume of data and add a secondary dimension or audience, it samples your data. However, in GA4, all standard reports are all unsampled and stay unsampled no matter how you manipulate them. However, when you use the analysis feature with 10M or more events, it will sample your data. 

Q: How do you enable GA4?

A: If you have an account, log into the GA admin section and click create a property. Or, if you don’t have an account, create an account. Either way, you’ll see GA4 is the default option. While Google suggests adding code directly to your website, we recommend implementing GA4 in Google Tag Manager for maximum flexibility. (See the webinar slides for more info about implementing GA4.)

Looking for more in-depth or technical information about GA4? Make sure to watch the webinar, which demos several of the exciting new features and answers more tricky questions. And, as always, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.