Urchin 7 Now Available!

August 31, 2010

Urchin 7 is Finally Here!

Urchin 7 new interfaceA subtle change to the Urchin Software homepage this morning and addition of a new “features list” marks the release of Urchin 7, the next generation of Google’s web analytics software product.

The new version of Urchin includes a long list of enhancements including a completely new user interface, event tracking, custom advanced segments, 64bit support, roll-up dashboards, parallel profile processing, a new data export API, and much more. Get the complete details here in our full post!

Where Has Urchin Been?

“What happened to Urchin”? That’s a question we’ve heard constantly since Google’s acquisition of Urchin Software in 2005 which culminated in the launch of Google Analytics. Well, Urchin – the software program for web server logfile analysis and on-premise web analytics – hasn’t gone away. Google has continued supporting and developing the product platform, releasing version 6 in March of 2008. Today, August 30th 2010, the Urchin team has announced the official release of the next generation in Urchin software: Urchin 7.

Urchin 7 Features – What’s New with Urchin 7

The first big question: what’s new in Urchin 7? Well, the answer is a LOT. We’ve been beta testing the software for many months now on our Urchin Hosted platform and here’s a short-list of changes:

  • A completely new interface – new reports organization and new report tables and graphs that look like Google Analytics (screenshot)
  • Report permalinks: easily create and share a link to any report in Urchin (screenshot)
  • Advanced Segments – yeap, just like in Google Analytics you can no create custom Advanced Segments to slice and dice your Urchin data (screenshot)
  • Event Tracking
  • Report tabs (screenshot)
  • New “segmentation” menu and options (screenshot)
  • Native 64-bit hardware support
  • Much faster processing speeds for data
  • Multiple schedulers – process multiple profiles at once
  • Improved memory support
  • And more – the tech details get thick, so we’ll spare you…

Read the full new release notes at

Be Among the First to See Urchin 7 in Action!

Get an Instant Demo

If you’re eager to see Urchin 7 in action, we’ve setup an instantly available demo instance of Urchin 7 on our Urchin Hosted platform. Simply contact and we’ll send you access to log into the demo server.

Get a Fully-Functional, Installable Trial of Urchin7 Software

In addition to the instant demo, we also provide a complete trial version of Urchin 7 software. This trial is installable on your own server or can be run from our cloud-based Urchin hosting platform. To setup a trial simply contact our Urchin sales department (email

Buying Urchin 7 or Upgrade from Urchin 6

Urchin 7 Pricing

The Urchin 7 license is $9,995. This is a one-time cost and there are no recurring costs for pageview volumes or intra-version upgrades. The license provides:

  • Unlimited data sources
  • Up to 1,000 report profiles
  • Unlimited users, groups, and accounts

The only practical constraints to a single Urchin 7 license is the 1,000 profile limit and the limitations you’ll encounter in hardware for storage and processing capacity. For most users a single license will be more than adequate. For companies that need multiple licenses a site-license model is available that provides unlimited Urchin 7 servers at a single data center.

Urchin 6 Upgrades

If you hold an Urchin 6 license you can upgrade to version 7 at a discounted price. The discount for Urchin 6 license holders is $2,995 off the list price of $9,995. Thus, upgrading to Urchin 7 for version 6 license holders costs an even $7,000.

More Urchin 7 Info from the Source

The official Urchin site provides a few Help Center articles detailing the new features of Urchin 7. These include:

More about Analytics Pros and Urchin

Analytics Pros is a Certified Partner for Google’s Urchin and Google Analytics products. As such we provide sales, installation, customization, support and training for Urchin Software from Google. If you’re interested in learning more about Urchin software and its benefits, or ready to make a license purchase, upgrade, or need support or training, we’d love to hear from you.