On-Demand Webinar: All About the Google Analytics Data API

January 31, 2023

As you begin to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you’ll see that there are several features, services and tools that can help make your job easier. One critical service is the Google Analytics Data API.

What Is the Google Analytics Data API?

If you’ve used the Reporting API for Universal Analytics, the Google Analytics Data API should feel somewhat familiar. It’s a similar service that provides programmatic access to GA4 data, allowing you to integrate it with other sources or customize reports.

Learn How to Use the Google Analytics Data API

Check out our recent webinar, “All About the Google Analytics Data API.Adswerve Data Engineer Ruslan Bergenov covers the importance of the API, Reporting API and Data API basics, demos of the platform and shares expert tips on how you can use the Data API to:

  • Extract GA4 data and prepare it for custom dashboards
  • Automate complex reporting tasks 
  • Integrate your GA4 data with data from other sources

If you’re using—or are beginning to use GA4—this is a can’t-miss webinar. 

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On-Demand: All About the Google Analytics Data API

With Adswerve Data Engineer Ruslan Bergenov
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