Twiddy & Company: Overcoming the Business Hurdles of COVID-19

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Working Together In Trying Times

Most, if not all, of our clients have been impacted by COVID-19. And those in the hospitality industry were hit particularly hard. Our partner Twiddy & Company, a beachside rental company in the Outer Banks known for its Southern hospitality, had to contend with a bridge closure that cut off its rentals, and restrictions that made the customer travel that the company thrives on difficult. 

The Twiddy team immediately turned to Adswerve to help it get back to basics, revisiting historical user data to see what opportunities it could uncover during the downturn. Together, Adswerve and Twiddy brainstormed ways to glean insights about their customers and what they wanted, how to offer their trademark Southern hospitality digitally and how to keep leads flowing. They used the data to create guest and user personas and crafted targeted offers designed to convert users.

In their Own Words

See everything Twiddy had to say about working with Adswerve to achieve success during COVID-19.

A Trusted Partnership

Twiddy and Adswerve have long worked in lockstep, with a partner relationship based on trust, a deep understanding of Twiddy’s business and a desire to innovate. Working together, digging through the data and uncovering customer insights, they were more than prepared when the bridge reopened. Twiddy not only increased site traffic, they boosted conversions and generated four times more bookings per day.

Twiddy founder Ross Twiddy said, ”Everytime we have a meeting with Adswerve, we learn something and we change the way we do business. We feel like they are part of our winning team, and vice versa. Being associated with Adswerve makes our people smarter… They’ve been so sincere and honest in their approach and fulfilling it so we’ve built this wonderful layer of trust that if they say they’re going to do something, we know they’re going to do it—and we can count on that.

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