3 Analytics Practices to Keep Top of Mind During the COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 is impacting digital marketing campaigns, leading digital marketers to quickly shift strategies. These adjustments don’t stop at the campaign level; they extend to analytics as well. We’ve compiled some quick tips to help you determine your next steps. It’s as simple as listening, tracking and measuring. LISTEN to customers’ needs.
  1. Make sure you understand what your customers need and expect from your brand. Use platforms like Google Surveys to reach your customers off-site and allow them to share their priorities with you. 
  2. When you set up your email lists, be sure to obey opt-out preferences. You can do more damage than good contacting those who don’t want to hear from you.
  3. If you use social listening platforms, be sure to respond quickly and take special care in humanizing your content and your approach.
TRACK new channels, content and experiences.
  1. Keep your tracking simple and consistent with existing standards.
  2. Use consistent UTM tags for social and email traffic for the clearest possible picture of your sources, media and campaigns.
  3. For new digital experiences, consider using a lightweight GTM container implementing only key events to keep your tags more manageable at this time.
MEASURE business impact and response.
  1. Audience behaviors are changing minute-to-minute. Use moving averages and running totals to quickly identify behavioral shifts and prioritize your response.
  2. Use Statistics packages and inference frameworks to quantify the effect on your business.
  3. You’ll likely want - or need - to conduct scenario planning. Times series analysis, predictive modeling and forecasting can all help with this exercise.
As always, we’re available and ready to support your analytics needs. If you need help adjusting your practices to the “new (and temporary) normal,” please reach out to your Account Executive or contact us here , and we’ll help ensure you’re set up for success. In the meantime, check out Forward. Together., the content hub we built to help you through these challenging times.