The Top Adswerve Blogs Of 2020: 6 Inspired Ad Tech Reads For the New Year

January 8, 2021

In a year where the global pandemic took center stage, adjusting to a “new normal” became the way of life. Digital marketers needed to modify strategies and adapt to fluctuating trends more than ever. Creativity and ingenuity were crucial to staying ahead of the curve, and timely advice could often go a long way. Whether this involved the latest industry trends and platform announcements or genuine best practice advice, Adswerve’s thought leaders continued to work hard to deliver impactful blogs during these trying times.

While it may be a new year, there’s many takeaways from these reads that can already help inspire positive gains in your digital marketing tech. Join us as we take a look back at some of our most popular ad tech blogs of 2020:

Top Adswerve Blogs from 2020

New Google Analytics App + Web Property

Google Analytics: Google Analytics 4 Properties – The Future of Google Analytics
Adswerve’s Head of Innovation, Charles Farina, dives into the announcement of Google Analytics 4. From the introduction of what’s new, to recommendations for how and when to get started, this blog can be a great recap of the exciting new developments that are in store for GA properties in 2021.

Adswerve C4M eBook

Cloud Marketing: New Adswerve Overview Guide: Take Your First-Party Data Further with Google Cloud for Marketing
As browsers crack down on cookies, first-party data is becoming more important than ever. Learn all about how to incorporate first-party data into the foundation of your digital marketing strategy in this helpful blog that includes links to our recent Cloud for Marketing guide.

GA + BQ Tips: Users and Sessions Part One

BigQuery: Google Analytics + BigQuery Tips: Users and Sessions (Part One)
When you’re looking to get the most out of your ad tech, in-depth technical blogs can help save the day. We’re lucky to have Senior Data Scientist, Luka Cempre share his knowledge on Google Analytics + BigQuery Tips. Here, he dives into how users and sessions are counted in BigQuery and reflects on the many obstacles you may come across when querying these seemingly simple metrics.

Improve Your Campaigns with Six New Google DV360 Tutorials

Display & Video 360: Improve Your Campaigns with Six New Google Display & Video 360 Tutorials
We love to share easy, practical tips that help our clients and the media community get more traction from their DV360 instances. Here, programmatic media consultant, Mary Kotara, delivers six helpful videos — each under five minutes — to walk you through some truly helpful strategies.

Search Ads 360 Guide

Search Ads 360: Master the Basics of Search Ads 360 (SA360)
Managing search marketing campaigns can be time-consuming and difficult. And while implementing an enterprise tool like Search Ads 360 (SA360) can help, it can be challenging to know where to begin. This all-purpose SA360 read includes links to our starter guide, An Adswerve Overview: Search Ads 360.

Google’s Campaign Manager: 6 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Time and Efficiency

Campaign Manager 360: Google’s Campaign Manager: 6 Pro Tips to Optimize Your Time and Efficiency
When it comes to optimizing for time and efficiency, Campaign Manager 360 is often considered the hub of the GMP. In this short video blog, Adswerve’s Platform Technical Lead, Matt Watson, reviews several Campaign Manager features that allow you to streamline workflows, optimize time and increase operational efficiency when ad-operations teams are faced with additional workloads. 

As we move into 2021, be sure to visit the Adswerve Resources & Insights page for the latest insights into media and analytics through our industry experts, tools and more.