The Power of Partnerships: Inside Adswerve’s Exclusive Technical Bootcamp with Twiddy

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We've worked closely with Outer Banks vacation rental company Twiddy & Company since 2017. Over the years, our deepening partnership has seen creative evolutions, especially during our in-person collaborative sessions. This relationship has fostered numerous achievements, like building an enterprise data warehouse and empowering Twiddy's marketing team with the might of big data. More than that, it's shaped the potential for how we can better connect with Twiddy's team and grow our capabilities as a premier partner. Our recent onsite Adswerve Technical Bootcamp Experience is a prime example of this synergy. And today, you’ll get an exclusive sneak peek into the transformative experience.

What Is Adswerve’s Technical Bootcamp?

The Technical Bootcamp was designed not only to challenge and refine our own team’s expertise but also to bring in, address and resolve client-specific challenges. Collaborating in this dynamic setting enabled us to tap into the full potential of innovative data ideas, especially in streamlining 1st party data from various sources. This open approach resulted in a wealth of creative designs, culminating in notable improvements for Twiddy, including optimized conversion rates, client engagement, product click-throughs, and an impressive over 200% surge in sales close rates.

Luka_Cempre_Adswerve sr. data scientist"Leveraging intelligent campaigns and state-of-the-art analytics powered by Adswerve and Google Cloud Platform, Twiddy witnessed a 36% year-over-year surge in transactions and site browsing session duration. Moreover, there was a whopping 76% uplift in conversion rates and a 31% increase in campaign revenues."


Luka Cempre, Sr. Data Scientist at Adswerve

What Happens in a Bootcamp: 3 Days of Innovation

Over three days on-site, 15 Adswerve experts worked exclusively with Twiddy team members, providing hands-on guidance, collaborating with them on projects they wanted help accomplishing and offering custom training to advance their skills. 

Jason-Qin-Adswerve-data scientist

"The Adswerve BootCamp provided a space for our client’s team members to learn new technologies and grow as a stronger unit with a unified goal in mind. It also provided them with myriad solutions using all our Technical Services team members’ strengths and skillsets."

Jason Qin, Data Scientist at Adswerve

Twiddy and Adswerve Data Boot Camp

We dove into media mix modeling (MMM), data-driven attribution (as well as overall and onsite attribution), the Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 transition as it pertains to BigQuery and much more. Beyond all the advanced work we tackled and accomplished together, we grew our already deep partnership and camaraderie and helped their team members elevate their technical skills. 

Cole Steigman, Data Analyst at Twiddy

"As a Data Analyst myself, the projects created from the Adswerve BootCamp were an all-you-can-eat buffet of high-end, actionable insights. Our team filled our plates with GA4 implementation tips, predictive Machine Learning tools, and powerful dashboards. We started eating right away and don't plan on stopping anytime soon."

Cole Steigman, Data Analyst at Twiddy

As we look to the future, we're excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead for both Adswerve and Twiddy. We found the endeavor so rewarding for the Twiddy group’s initiatives and our working relationship that we’re offering more Adswerve BootCamps. If you’re interested in having an entire team of data scientists, data engineers and other Technical Services experts work onsite exclusively with your team for three days, helping with your specific initiatives and up-leveling your team’s technical skills, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out, and we can plan our time together.