Targeting the Elusive “Gutsy Traveler”

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With COVID-19 slashing digital travel sales in half , many travel and tourism companies are struggling to attract customers. However, there are audiences who are willing to venture out and about during the crisis who we refer to as gutsy travelers. This group can be difficult to target, but we’ve broken down ways to reach those who are ready to shop, dine, travel and explore again:
  • Create an audience of users based on keywords found across relevant sites and apps or Web pages visited for restaurants, destinations, etc., simply by using Display & Video 360’s Custom Intent feature.
  • Use Google In-Market travel audiences (Google In-Market segments are created using real-time user signals from Search, YouTube, Maps and more to dynamically determine audience composition).
  • Explore private, preferred, and guaranteed deals with publishers that have DealIDs like:
    • KAYAK
    • OpenTable
    • Expedia
    • NextDoor
    • TripAdvisor
    • LiveNation
    • Waze
    • The Infatuation
  • Try the “Going Out Again” audience list from NinthDecimal. (Also, check out its EMI™ & COVID-19 Impact Reports.)
  • Focus on audience segments built from mobile visit or credit card purchase data.
  • Consider targeting recent visitors of gyms, restaurants, salons, bars, shopping centers and more.
  • Create a similar audience (look-a-likes) or customer match (CRM) upload of audiences already visiting your locations again.
  • Consider looking into sites like Flightaware,, Thrillist and Atlasobscura to add to a travel-specific channel target list.
For more information on targeting gutsy travelers, contact us .