On-Demand Webinar: What if Search Could?

December 11, 2020


What if Search Could Webinar with Brent Ramos, Pat Grady, and Jeff Stuart

Do you ever find yourself asking, what more can Search do? As search marketers looking into 2021, why are we still beholden to decade-old optimizer methods? And more importantly, where can we go from here? 

Join experts Brent Ramos, Pat Grady and Jeff Stuart for an on-demand webinar “What if Search Could?


Our Digital Captains will help navigate through future-proofing tactics and innovative solutions all under the lens of how to make Search work for you in 2021 and beyond.

Topics include:


  1. Where you need to play in order to get that competitive edge 

  2. Utilizing advanced features like Predictive Bidding for LTV, Semantics and Churn/Propensity Models.

  3. Visualization Suites, Data Warehousing and other advanced tools

Have questions about implementing what you’ve learned in the webinar and regarding your Search strategy? Contact us today!