On-Demand Webinar: GTM Server Side & GA4

August 27, 2021

Did you catch our live server-side tagging webinar earlier this week? If not, we have you covered. It’s now available on-demand!

Adswerve Head of Innovation Charles Farina, Senior Digital Analyst Kayla Kinch and Data Engineer Matt Krilanovich walked attendees through all things server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) and how it relates to the new Google Analytics (GA4). 

GTM server-side is a hot topic and we’ve recently posted about the benefits and drawbacks of sGTM, including a breakdown of what sGTM clients are, how to create them and why they’re important. This webinar dives deeper, sharing info about:

  • sGTM considerations like privacy and data security, data collection efficiency and data ownership
  • sGTM challenges such as resources, vendor adoption and transparency/consent
Watch on-demand now!

ALSO included in this webinar, the team walked through a demo of the tool, showcasing how to:

  • Create a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project, server-side container, client, and server tag and trigger
  • Configure your web tag to send data to your server
  • Map a custom subdomain
  • Evaluate server and JavaScript-managed cookies
  • Assess Cloud costs
  • Update and monitor your implementation

If you want to learn more about server-side tagging and if it’s right for your organization, make sure to watch the on-demand webinar recording—and stay tuned at the end for a Q&A session that may cover some of your questions. If you have more questions after watching, please contact us.