On-Demand Webinar: Gaining Deeper Marketing Insights with BigQuery, GA360 & Data Studio

August 6, 2019

Adswerve Director of Analytics Charles Farina recently co-led a virtual workshop with several Google leaders including Platform Sales Engineer Nathalie Wong. Luckily, the recorded version is now available to view. In it, Charles and Nathalie share best practices and strategies for leveraging BigQuery, Google Analytics 360 and Google Data Studio together to create a trendspotting dashboard and garner impactful marketing insights.

It also includes includes three use-case demos on how to make this information actionable:

  • CRM Integration: Connecting disparate data sources with BigQuery
  • Cost Data Import: Using Data Studio to better understand the return on your marketing spend by joining campaign data together
  • Community Data Studio Visualization: Leveraging Data Studio to see how customers engage with you across different multiple channels

Finally, they give case study examples so you can see how others are using the tools to gain a competitive advantage and possibly get some ideas for your own programs.

View the virtual workshop and be sure to comment on this post or reach out if you have any questions!