New Vlog: Demystifying Data and Media: The How and Why of Server-Side GTM

March 22, 2023

At Adswerve, we know that analytics, media, data engineering, and data science can be complex topics and difficult to understand. That’s why we’ve created a new vlog series that seeks to demystify these topics and help you better understand the world of digital marketing.

Demystifying Data and Media with Brian and Gord

This vlog series is designed to be informative and accessible, and we hope it will help you gain a better understanding of these important topics so that you can make more informed decisions. In the future, we’ll be covering a wide range of topics, so be sure to subscribe on YouTube to stay up to date with our latest content. And as always, should any of this content bring to mind new questions or needs, just reach out.

Server-Side Tagging

In our first vlog, we dive deeper into server-side GTM, demystifying how and why to use it. It’s a great conversation about the benefits of server-side GTM and how it can help you streamline your measurement and data collection processes. Check it out now on YouTube or watch below!

Next Up

For our next vlog, we’ll be taking a look at the commonly asked question, “What should be in my marketing data warehouse?” Here, we’ll discuss the importance of having a well-structured and organized marketing data warehouse and what key elements should be included to ensure you have the data you need to make informed decisions. Stay tuned!