New Vlog: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Marketing

May 17, 2023

As marketing becomes increasingly data-driven, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming essential tools for businesses to streamline operations and make more informed decisions. In our new vlog, we look at some of the key concepts in this evolving field of technology, including the differences between AI and ML, the application of ML in marketing, and specific use cases that can optimize advertising spend, enhance targeted marketing campaigns, and help businesses prioritize their marketing efforts effectively.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Marketing

With Brian and Gord

Learn about:

  1. Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning: Understand the distinctions between AI and ML, including what makes them valuable in marketing.
  2. The Need for Machine Learning in Marketing: Is ML necessary for marketing? Find out why the answer is a resounding “yes.”
  3. Machine Learning Use Cases in Marketing: Dive into various ML applications in marketing, such as propensity modeling, clustering, data-driven attribution, media mix modeling, pLTV (predictive lifetime value), and dynamic pricing.

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