New Adswerve Overview Guide: Take Your First-Party Data Further with Google Cloud for Marketing

September 8, 2020

As browsers crack down on cookies, first-party data is becoming more important than ever. Learn all about how to incorporate first-party data into the foundation of your digital marketing strategy in our new guide, “An Adswerve Overview: Take Your First-Party Data Further with Google Cloud for Marketing.” We cover:

  • Three ways first-party data improves your digital strategies
  • How first-party data helps you get to know your customers
  • How to make your data and technology work for you
  • Ways you can improve your audience strategy and activation
  • And more.

Plus, you’ll read tips from our data science pros about omni-channel measurement, attribution, building the right marketing technology stack, taking on Google Cloud projects, activating your data insights and more.

Sample Tech Maturity Projects That Use First-Party Data

Our helpful guide shares info about how a data warehouse like BigQuery can help you quickly query large datasets and enable machine learning and predictive modeling. It also outlines Google Cloud projects you might want to consider like:

Audience segmentation: Using unsupervised ML techniques to build highly relevant audiences and push them directly into Google Analytics, you can improve return on ad spend and achieve your business goals.

Churn and propensity modeling: Optimizing your campaigns by targeting audiences based on their predicted behavior — like propensity to convert, churn or unsubscribe — and aligning marketing strategies with user-level behaviors.

Customer lifetime value: Training a model using clickstream data in conjunction with your business goals and other data sources to make predictions about your users and improve your retention and upselling campaigns.

Reporting and visualization: Using Google Data Studio to design custom KPI reporting solutions to speed up your data analysis and transform it into actionable insights.

No matter what projects you consider pursuing, the foundation lies within your first-party data. Read our guide to learn how to collect and store it in a way it can be used for modeling and then exported for activation. If you skip this step, you’ll be unable to harness the power of your first-party data. But with it, you can safely use predictive and advanced analytics and take on other tech maturity projects that improve customer journeys. You’ll also be ready to use tools like Ads Data Hub to protect user privacy. 

We’ve helped hundreds of clients successfully leverage their first-party data and take on tech maturity projects that advance (and improve) their marketing strategies and programs. Read the guide to learn more about some of those projects, and about the steps you can take to get started. Then, reach out with any questions. We’re ready to help!