Learn With GMP Webinar Recap: Advancing Digital Maturity With Search Ads 360

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We were honored to co-present another webinar with Google last week, sharing how marketers can use Search Ads 360 (SA360) to advance their digital maturity. If you’re not familiar with the digital maturity benchmark, we’ve included it for you below. Essentially, when you begin to use more advanced features of Google’s tools in tandem with others in the Google Marketing Platform, you begin to unlock insights and capabilities that allow you to more successfully target and reach the right audiences effectively (and within budget). You’ll learn all about the model in the webinar.

Google Digital Maturity Benchmark

A Quick Use Case: Using Predictive Lifetime Modeling to Improve Your Search Campaigns

After an introduction and information about the benchmark from Google and others, our Director of Product - Search, Brent Ramos, and Pat Grady, our Solutions Engineer, shared how we helped a well-known, international travel company advance their maturity to achieve phenomenal results. The brand wanted to understand its customer valuations like lifetime value and then score them and activate that data in SA360 in an easy, predictive and programmatic way. 

To do this, we had to create a data warehousing solution that let us join multiple data sets—including loyalty, web and click data—together. We then trained predictive lifetime value (pLTV) models using Cloud AutoML and fed the new predictive scores in the CM Conversions API. Finally, we set up and deployed an ROAS-based Auction Time Bid Strategy in SA360 for use with the predictive model. 

By reviewing the insights, we were able to build a hypothesis and turn on an A/B split bidding experiment. Through that, we saw that the brand had a measurable uplift. Conducting this pLTV modeling—and activating it—allowed us to prove a margin lift, opened up new revenue streams and efficiencies and helped our client better understand their customers and their value.

How to Get Started

If you’re part of a digitally mature marketing organization, you may already be doing this work or you may have the pieces in place to do it. The sources you need to pull from and the data you need to collect include items like these:

But you need something to join these data sets together in a way that lets you consolidate them, analyze them, create models and activate your workloads. That’s where a solution like Google Cloud can help. If you’re not using a solution like this, please feel free to reach out to us and we can share more about how it can help your specific organization.

Watch the full webinar to learn more about advancing your digital maturity, and how to activate pLTV models in SA360 to help you get to know your customers better and bid to the right people for more impressive and impactful results.