Industry News: What’s Next for the Future of US Data Privacy Regulations?

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Heading into 2021, digital privacy regulations are top of mind for most marketers—and several lawmakers, too. With the most recent election now behind us, this has led to many questions regarding what's next for the future of US data privacy regulations. To better answer these lingering questions, Adweek recently published an article, “ How the Ad Industry Is  Lobbying the Corridors of Power, ” outlining how US politics may impact the future of digital advertising. Here, Adswerve's own Chief Revenue Officer Scott Sullivan was quoted in the article, sharing his belief that there could be a push to align privacy policies at the national level as opposed to leaving it to individual states: “ We can realistically expect to see the Biden administration push out a bill for a national GDPR-like policy in 2021.” For more thoughts regarding the future of US data privacy regulations, read the full article and learn what experts like Sullivan—and even Rep. Suzan DelBene (D-Wa.)—have to say about the potential for a bi-partisan nationwide effort to change data privacy laws.