Industry News: What will 2021 hold for Digital Marketing?

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We encountered many unforeseen challenges in 2020 (to say the least) and by now digital marketers have had the chance to appropriately adjust both their strategies and their expectations. But as we prepare for the new year, we know that there are multiple industry changes on the horizon in 2021 that will shake things up again—especially around privacy, content and predictive marketing. 

Our CEO, Clint Tasset, recently spoke to CMO Australia about his take on what 2021 holds for digital marketers. His comments about how organizations will need to embrace a privacy-first culture were featured in the article “Predictions: 14 digital marketing predictions for 2021” alongside forecasts from other prominent marketing leaders. 

Clint contends that:

Clint Tasset | CEO

"We can expect to see the ad industry follow the footsteps of Big Tech’s self-guided push to become more privacy-focused, especially in light of progressive consumer data privacy regulations like the GDPR and CPRA. The momentum around greater consumer privacy in the public and private sectors is reaching critical mass.  It’s no longer a question of ‘if’ an industry-wide privacy framework will arise, but ‘when'. Businesses need to ask themselves if they want to ride the wave or let it take them under. To prepare, they’ll likely need to restructure their organizations and rethink their existing processes to embrace a privacy-first culture."

Check out the full article to learn more about what Clint and other executives expect to happen in the next 12 months. And if you have any questions about your 2021 digital marketing strategies, feel free to reach out; we’re always happy to help.