Industry News: More 2021 Tech Predictions

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Yes, tech trends and predictions are all over the news every January, but how do you know which articles you can trust? We prefer ones with contributions from our experts! Especially this recent Built In Colorado article featuring Jacob Shafer, our VP of technical services.

In the article, Jacob discusses how privacy concerns are prompting clients like ours to adopt privacy-safe big data environments like Google Ads Data Hub.

Jacob Shafer | VP of Technical Services

He noted, “Adswerve already has been one of the first in the world to invest in these platforms by providing onboarding, training resources and support. By building solutions that utilize privacy-safe environments, we hope to help our clients future-proof their digital analytics capabilities while continuing to optimize advertising budgets.”

Read the full article, “The Trends 2 Colorado Tech Leaders Predict Will Evolve in 2021,” to learn what else Jacob had to say, and to get input from EGYM Chief Product Officer John Ford. 

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