Industry News: Adswerve CEO Clint Tasset Shares How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Programs in 2021

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Did you happen to catch a familiar face on the Adweek site this weekend? If not, we have you covered! Our CEO, Clint Tasset, penned his thoughts for AdWeek's latest 2021 outlook article, “How to Future-proof Against the Next Great Disruption in 2021,” which shared ways marketers can use what we learned in 2020 to prepare for 2021 and beyond. In it, he contends that this year:

Clint Tasset | CEO

Marketers will need to adjust their KPIs and “look beyond conversions and layer in a broader array of data and insights to show cause and effect.” 

Organizations should embrace a privacy-first culture by “restructuring certain data and metrics operations and rethinking existing processes.”

We’ll depend more on first-party data so “agencies and internal marketing teams will need to become truly data-engineered, and they are going to have to hire talent that can do the hard work of trudging through the data and bringing it all together to make it understandable and actionable.”

Read the full Adweek article for all of Clint’s insights and recommendations on what initiatives your business may want to prioritize this year. As always, please reach out with any questions or comments. We’d love to hear from you!