Increase Your Efficiency with These DV360 Hacks

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While some brands and companies may be slowing down their media, others might find themselves busier than ever. And with companies changing their organizational landscapes, media experts are finding themselves suddenly wearing many hats and managing several campaigns on different platforms. Luckily, Display & Video 360 (DV360) has various bulk edit features that can make creating and managing campaigns a lot easier. Here are some tips  for improving your DV360 workflow: Using SDFs You’ll want to become familiar with Structure Data Files (SDF) in DV360. You can essentially use SDFs to create multiple campaigns, insertion orders or line items. You can also bulk edit across multiple entities at the same time. An SDF will download as a CSV sheet. Google recommends editing your file using Google Sheets as Excel is known to corrupt your SDF settings. Downloading SDFs How do you use an SDF to create or edit an insertion order or line item? Simply scope into your campaign and click on the three vertical dots on the top-right. You’ll see an option labeled “Download”. Click on it to get a menu of entities to download. Once you select your entities, they’ll download as separate CSV files to your drive. Import the CSV file to Google Sheets. When you upload a file to Google Sheets, you will be given setting options for the file. Be sure to set “Convert text to numbers, dates, and formulas” to “No”. Using SDFs To Create If you want to create new insertion orders using the settings of a previously created insertion order, all you have to do is copy over the previously created insertion order row, paste it into the rows below and delete the data under IO Id for the new insertion order (see screenshot below in red).  The Campaign ID will determine which campaign your new insertion order will be built under. Be sure to populate the correct campaign ID (see screenshot below in green). Change the name of your new insertion order as needed (see screenshot below in blue). You can use the SDF to make any additional changes you need to the new insertion order, such as budget segments and pacing. Once you’re done with your new insertion orders, download your file as a CSV. You will then go back to DV360 and click on the same three vertical dots that you used to download the SDF. Use “Upload” to upload your SDF into DV360. Once the file has finished processing, you’ll see your new insertion orders appear in your campaign! Using SDFs to Edit & QA You can use an SDF to make quick edits across multiple insertion orders and line items. Do you want a fast and easy way to edit your line item budgets? Simply download an SDF, change the budget under budget segments and upload your CSV file back to DV360. SDFs are a helpful tool when QAing your campaign as well. For example, are all your line items supposed to target the same geo? Take a look under the “Geography” column and if all the codes aren’t the same, then one of your line items is targeting the incorrect geo.  Troubleshooting SDFs While uploading your CSV file, DV360 will show you the status of each file and will also send you a status email upon upload completion. You’ll be notified whether your file was uploaded successfully, partially successful or if your upload failed. If you receive an update that your file upload was partially successful or has failed, DV360 will also give you feedback as to what caused the error. Consider downloading a new SDF if you need to make changes after a partially successful upload. You can find additional resources on using SDFs to build out insertion orders or line items here . Using Bulk Editing in DV360 You can also use the DV360 platform’s bulk edit feature to make multiple changes across multiple line items (this function is not available for campaigns and insertion orders). Select the checkboxes next to the line items you’d like to make the same edits to and click on “Action”. Once you click on action, you’ll see multiple fields to edit under “Bulk Edits”.  Need Additional Help? If you have any questions about how to use DV360’s bulk edit features in your campaigns, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here and ready to help with a free campaign assessment that can give you ideas on how to improve your workflow. If you don’t have the resources for day-to-day DV360 campaign management, we offer managed media services. We can create your media strategy, handle all your campaign trafficking and tagging, develop audiences, and optimize and report on your campaigns.  No matter what your needs, we’re committed to your success so let us know how we can help!