ICYMI: Forbes “Agencies’ Top Misconceptions About Google Analytics 4 — Debunked”

December 13, 2022

Adswerve Chief Revenue Officer Scott Sullivan recently accepted an invitation to join Forbes Agency Council. A community of agency, media and creative advertising leaders, the council consists of respected leaders who are selected based on the depth and diversity of experience in their industries.

As part of his Forbes Agency Council membership, Scott will produce quarterly bylined articles for His first, “Agencies’ Top Misconceptions About Google Analytics 4 — Debunked,” is up now. In it, he covers how agencies can and should prepare to transition to GA4 and why starting now isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. 

Change is hard. It’s human nature to procrastinate. Old processes are comfortable and familiar. I’m not going to sugarcoat it either—there will be growing pains for all of us as we embrace GA4. But they’ll be worth it. Because GA4 is a positive change.

Scott Sullivan, Forbes: Agencies’ Top Misconceptions About Google Analytics 4 — Debunked

Read the full article to learn more, and please join us in congratulating Scott on a well-deserved honor!

Scott Sullivan joined Adswerve three years ago and has significantly impacted our business, strengthening our relationship with Google, our clients and other platform partners. Before working at Adswerve, he was with Google for 12 years.