ICYMI: Adswerve's Best Performing Blog Posts from Q1 and Q2

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We know it can be hard to catch every blog post. Sometimes the topic just isn't your area of focus at the moment. Other times the article slips by unnoticed. Whatever the reason, things change and the right article might just circle back at the right time. With that in mind, we took a look back at some of our most popular posts from media to analytics and everything in between, to make sure you have plenty of helpful material to add to your summer reading lists.

Top Adswerve Blogs from Q1 and Q2

Take a look back at some of the top Adswerve blogs to date:

New ebook blog: the New Google Analytics (GA4) Guide

Google Analytics: New Adswerve Overview Guide: Master the Basics of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for Web
There's a lot of buzz around Google's latest version of GA. Here's everything you need to get started with the New Google Analytics (GA4), from the best new features to implementation, we have you covered.

Power of Data with Luka Cempre blog

Cloud for Marketing: The Power of Data Science
How do you consistently get more information about the data you're collecting? You lean on the power of data science. Here, senior data scientist Luka Cempre describes how Adswerve can help you tap into your data in new ways using Google Cloud.


7 Ways to Save Money on BigQuery Storage blog

BigQuery: 7 Ways to Save Money on Your BigQuery Storage
BigQuery projects allow you to query massive datasets in seconds. They also tend to accumulate rising data storage costs over time. Here are seven game-changing tips to help keep your BigQuery storage costs down and still get the most out of your data.

Exploring the relationship between CM360 and DV360 blog

Display & Video 360: What You Should Know About How CM360 and DV360 Work Together
These platforms just play well together. GMP Platform expert Rene Peketz highlights how you can use this beneficial relationship to gather more precise insights from your post-campaign reporting.

SA360 Secret Sauce (CM) Blog

Search Ads 360: What’s in Search Ads 360’s Secret Sauce? Lots of Campaign Manager – Part One
Search guru Jeff Stuart pulls back the curtain on SA360's powerful secret sauce: CM360. Level up your bidding to target your most valuable conversions with these handy tips.

Data Layer Inspector Tool Updated for GTM Server side and GA4 blog

Tools: DataLayer Inspector+ Tool: Now Updated for Google Analytics 4 and GTM Server-Side Tagging
Our DataLayer Inspector Tool just got more powerful. Learn how our recent update allows you to debug your New Google Analytics (GA4) and server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) setups.

Better GA Scroll tracking with Adswerve's GTM Scroll tracking JS Snippet

Google Tag Manager: A Better (Mobile-Ready) Scroll Tracking JS Snippet for GTM
Have you ever found that using GTM’s built-in scroll tracking can deliver mixed results for users viewing on mobile? Us, too. That’s why we created this solution.

As we move into Q3 and beyond, be sure to visit the Adswerve Resources & Insights page for the latest insights into media and analytics through our industry experts, tools and more.

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