How Modeled Value-Based Bidding Helps You Rise Above the Competition

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The global events we’ve experienced in the last few years have driven more online-augmented purchase experiences, culminating in a highly competitive and crowded digital marketplace. That said, your brand can still stand out (and stay on budget), something I've pondered more recently in my MarTech Series guest article on Modeled Value-Based Bidding (mVBB):

“Today, the key to performance marketing isn’t necessarily outspending peers, or diving into niche channels where the competition is lower. The new paradigm is efficiency, and working with mVBB has proven that the best way to be heard in a crowded marketplace doesn’t reside in who has the loudest voice or largest budget, but who is activating 1P data and who is doing it wisely.”

Jeff Stuart - MarTech Series: Modeling Success – VBB vs. Modeled VBB (mVBB):

Value-based bidding (VBB) or bidding toward the value of a user action, is an effective strategy that traditionally relies on a static value assignment within each conversion touchpoint. By going beyond VBB to Modeled VBB (mVBB), it can ensure your valuations are predictive and accurate in real-time. 

Using machine learning and the first-party data you’re already collecting, mVBB gives you a real-time predicted valuation of each of your conversion funnel’s online and offline touchpoints. It helps you not only account for current fluctuations but future changes, too. When it comes to your media activation efforts, you’ll see markedly improved budget efficiency and performance gains.

Want to learn more? Please reach out with any follow-up questions to learn more about how we can help you begin using mVBB for better results. And don't forget to check out my guest column at MarTech Series.