Hot Off The Press: Google’s New “Meeting The Data Challenge” Solutions Guide

October 30, 2020

Google’s new Meeting The Data Challenge Solutions Guide is a resource built around how the Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud can help you gain predictive insights into driving better bottom-line results. The guide is filled with best practices and customer success stories, including two innovative case studies led by Adswerve. You’ll also find a guide that speaks to present-day challenges and what can be done to overcome them.

As the pandemic has upended our day-to-day life, people have changed how they purchase goods and services. Marketers are learning how to adapt on-the-fly, but even as new tools emerge to help capture this critical data, a larger challenge looms for even the most-veteran of marketers:

How does one create unified data if they’re having to use multiple tools that are creating separate data sources? 

This topic lies at the heart of Google’s new solutions guide, which features a variety of best-practices, including:

  • How to prepare for the future by anticipating customer needs
  • Predicting marketing outcomes through purchase prediction and Lifetime Value 
  • How to get started: from building a technology roadmap to activating on insights

Case studies are then used to help paint a real-life story to these practices. Adswerve’s first featured story describes our work with Sentiment Analysis as a way to help our clients make stronger customer connections through data-driven strategies. Here, Adswerve highlights the foundations necessary for helping clients determine if their products’ messaging needs to be updated based on the public perception of their brand. 

Previously, it would have been extremely difficult to classify all of these customer comments about a business’s services, products, or brands as there was no way to automate that process. However, utilizing Google Cloud’s “Natural Language API,” Adswerve can help to analyze this data quickly and at scale by monitoring huge data sets and categorizing each input into the appropriate sentimental category. These insights are then stored in BigQuery, where they can be set up for use in Data Studio to make efficient, actionable reporting dashboards capable of meeting the data challenge.  

Moving on to our second highlight, Adswerve was also thrilled that Google chose to focus on our client engagement with Alaska Airlines for our work using machine learning to predict which media investments would deliver long-term value. 

As a rising airline that now boasts the most nonstop flights to and from the west coast of the United States, Alaska Airlines partnered with Adswerve to build a new marketing warehouse in BigQuery, Google Cloud’s data warehouse. This enabled them to bring together all of their first-party data (including CRM, media and analytics) under one roof. They could then apply machine learning to activate on new insights revolving around long-term value. An innovative solution to the data challenge that now allows Alaska Airlines to make smarter decisions on where to invest their marketing resources now and in the future.

Check out Google’s new Meeting The Data Challenge ebook for additional ways you can meet your data challenges and come out ahead. As you read, please keep in mind that Adswerve can assist you with any of your media and analytics initiatives. Need help now? Let’s chat.