ICYMI: Forbes Council: AI vs ML vs Automation: What Agencies Need to Know

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With Chat GPT, Google Bard, Adobe Firefly and other apps in the headlines, agencies may be left wondering about the differences between artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, machine learning (ML) and automation and how they can use each to give their clients competitive advantages.

Adswerve Chief Revenue Officer and Forbes Agency Council Member Scott Sullivan breaks down the differences between the technologies in his latest Forbes article, where he also shares:

  • How you’re already using AI, ML and automation in your job
  • How advanced technology lowers the barrier to sophisticated ad buying and data analytics
  • Ways your agency can prepare for the future

Scott_Sullivan Forbest Agency Council on behalf of Adswerve

“Much of the conversation around generative AI has focused on creative output. But generative AI also unlocks possibilities when integrated within data, analytics, and ad-buying platforms.”

-Scott Sullivan, Chief Revenue Officer


Read the full article to ensure your agency takes advantage of all the latest opportunities to keep your clients at the forefront of their industries.