Five Reasons We’re Excited About the New SA360

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Google recently announced a slew of new features and updates to Search Ads 360 (SA360) that we’re, quite frankly, ecstatic about! Our Chief of Media Solutions Matt Fiskness said of the changes:

Matt Fiskness Adswerve Chief of Media Solutions

"In my 14 years of partnering and working with Google, I've never seen such an impactful update to Google's enterprise-level search platform. The new Search Ads 360 makes it easier for clients to push into new frontiers of search management. It’s also a huge step for Adswerve and our unique ability to help our clients activate advanced first-party data strategies like value-based bidding — which are critical in today's privacy-centric landscape."

Matt Fiskness, Adswerve Chief of Media Solutions

So what’s all the fuss about? Let’s dive into our favorite features:

New Content

Finally, you’ll be able to manage all Google Ads content in SA360. The functionality not only extends productivity and automation but unlocks the ability for our clients to activate full-funnel first-party data for things like Value-Based Bidding (VBB) in a way that’s never been possible.

New Integrations

Google will integrate Display and YouTube into SA360. Adswerve Platform Engagement Manager Jeff Stuart said of the update:

Jeff Stuart, Adswerve Platform Engagement Manager

“Full management of Display and Youtube — augmented with Floodlight conversion tracking capabilities down the road — catapults SA360 into a whole new era of search engine marketing.” 

Jeff Stuart, Adswerve Platform Engagement Manager

Parity With Google Ads

The new SA360 UI will now match Google Ads, making it easier for Google Ads users to navigate both platforms seamlessly for increased productivity.

Increased Automation

The new Search Ads 360 borrows from Google Ads' alert and notification functionality and applies it within SA360’s multi-engine context. This means users will receive more feedback within SA360—a feature many of our clients have asked for.

More Scale

You’ll be able to access more agency-level automation features with this update. Our Adswerve team will be able to make cross-portfolio changes for our clients with the click of a button!

What's Next?

The new update is impressive, and these are just five of the changes Google communicated in their February 8th post! To learn more about the latest in Search and how the new features can improve your processes and campaigns, make sure to see our recent webinar, What’s New in Search.

Adswerve What's New in Search Webinar now available on-demand

We cover:

  • How to utilize Value-Based Bidding with your first-party data 
  • SA360's new UX/UI Highlights
  • New game-changing Search tools we’ve developed to help marketers like you
  • Your questions in a live Q&A
Currently an SA360 customer wondering when you'll have access to these new enhancements? Most Search Ads 360 customers can expect to gain access to the new SA360 by the end of March 2022, and will be able to use it alongside the current version of SA360. When you have been granted access, you will see the update live within the platform. And good news: There is no action currently required on your part, and this will not impact your campaign performance or reporting.