Digital Marketing Maturity and the New Data Economy

March 18, 2020

Where does your organization fall on Google’s Digital Maturity Benchmark? From nascent to multi-moment, each step propels you toward marketing success. Adswerve Director of Partner Relationships Peter Crofut recently penned an article for MarTech, titled “Keys to Success in the New Data Economy,” outlining how marketers can take advantage of technology to harness high-quality data that will transform their organizations and advance their maturity levels.

“High-quality data is essential for any brand. It drives not only Advertising and Creative but Sales and Revenue. Changes to data policies and consumer behavior are reinforcing the need for first-party data more than ever. Marketers who will stand out in 2020 are those who will leverage their first-party data as the media and creative fuel that creates highly relevant, timely and personalized campaigns and customer experiences.” – Peter Crofut

Take a look at the article to learn more about the ways your data collection processes can impact your digital marketing performance and identify where you fall on the digital marketing maturity framework.