Apple iOS 14.5 Is Here: What It Means for Your Google Campaigns

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You may have noticed that Apple recently released iOS 14.5. It’s the first iOS version that will enforce Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policies, which will impact how marketers measure mobile ad performance moving forward. 

For Apple users, the update means they’ll have more control over which apps are tracking their actions. The new setting is all about whether the app can access the unique, device-specific IDFA (ID For Advertisers) to allow the user's actions to be tracked across sites and apps (e.g., by 3rd party data collectors like Google and Facebook).

While your marketing strategy should be shifting to rely on your own first-party data and identifiers, there are some steps you can take right now to ensure your performance doesn’t suffer due to the new iOS release.

First off, make sure to monitor your campaign delivery and performance as you may see some fluctuations that cause you to adjust your targeting, budgets and bids. Luckily, Google has already released some privacy-centric features such as conversion modeling to help. Plus, they continue to share additional tips and resources for handling the update including:

App-focused campaigns

Web campaigns

Lastly, if you find yourself contending with campaign issues as a result of the iOS 14.5 update, please reach out and we’d be happy to help you navigate through the changes. And keep in mind that if you haven’t already begun to shift your marketing strategy to rely primarily on first-party data to prepare for upcoming privacy changes, it’s time. And we can help you with that, too!