Adswerve’s DataLayer Inspector+ Tool for GA4 Named a 2022 AdExchanger Award Finalist

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We’re honored to be a finalist in the 2022 AdExchanger Awards! This year we were one of five agencies named in the “Best Use of Technology by an Agency” category for our updated DataLayer Inspector+ Tool. 

We created the Chrome extension to give marketers a real-time, information-rich view of dataLayer activity and Google Analytics hits as they occur in the Developer Tools console. We recently updated it for GA4 to help set marketers up for Google Analytics 4 and GTM Server-Side tagging success.

More About GA4 DataLayer Inspector+ Tool

Currently, Google recommends that users dual-tag their sites for both their UA or GA360 instances and GA4 to prevent any historical data loss once UA and GA360 are unavailable. However, when a site is dual-tagged, marketers and analysts might have difficulty distinguishing between hits. 

Adswerve’s DataLayer Inspector+ tool can help teams by offering them real-time, information-rich visibility into the dataLayer activity and hits as they occur in the Developer Tools console. Not only can users distinguish between hits, but they can also access features that support the development and web analytics debugging, so their GA4 and sGTM setups run seamlessly. 

Using the DataLayer Inspector+ tool, teams can also evaluate common dataLayer push formats (events and e-commerce); push a dataLayer message for setup; add a GTM container to test it; insert code into the page to monitor and modify; block scripts from loading, and swap with other scripts.

Because we built the DataLayer Inspector+ tool to work with both GA4 and sGTM, marketers and analysts can ensure that they have visibility into their data collection accuracy both now and in the future.

Please check out our helpful blog post or reach out if you’d like more information about our DataLayer Inspector+ Tool. Or, simply try it for yourself!