Adswerve's Best: Top Blogs of 2021

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Whether it's preparing for a cookie-less future, transitioning to the New Google Analytics (GA4) or getting started with cutting edge server-side tagging, our Adswerve experts shared a variety of quality posts aimed at keeping your team up-to-date and ready to handle the latest twists and turns this year. So with this in mind, here are eight of our can't miss blogs from 2021.

Top Adswerve Blogs from 2021

A look back at the best of 2021 from our experts to yours:

Google and Adswerve Webinar: Putting Privacy First: Give Consumers What They Want Without Sacrificing Performance now on-demand.

Webinar Recap: Putting Privacy First
Learn why the first step forward in a cookie-less future is putting privacy first. This recap blog includes a link to our webinar with Google, info around privacy-centric solutions and first-party data, plus three ways to prepare for a cookie-less future.

GA4 Dual-Tagging Blog

Google Analytics: Getting Started With GA4 Dual Tagging
The New Google Analytics (also known as GA4) is here and the time to get started is now! Learn everything you need to know about implementing a Dual Tag setup to begin your migration to GA4.

GA4 BigQuery Export Blog

BigQuery: The Google Analytics 4 BigQuery Export: A Quick Overview
Looking for a way to access and export raw data from GA? Adswerve's Senior Data Scientist Luka Cempre has the details on GA4's new cost-free BigQuery Export feature.

Exploring the relationship between CM360 and DV360 blog

Campaign Manager & Display & Video 360: What You Should Know About How CM360 and DV360 Work Together
Find out more about the key integrations of these two powerhouse GMP platforms that allow you to streamline workflows and gather more precise reporting insights.

SA360 Secret Sauce Blog Series

Search Ads 360: What’s in Search Ads 360’s Secret Sauce?... CM360 (three-part series)
Dive into the latest blog series from Adswerve Search guru Jeff Stuart as he pulls back the curtain on SA360's powerful secret sauce for optimizing towards high-value conversions.

Future of digital marketing blog

Cloud for Marketing: The Future of Digital Marketing (three-part series)
First-party data is changing the way we think about the future of media and analytics. This three-part series comes brimming with expert advice on tracking prevention, consent management, data modeling and more.

Making the move to server side tagging blog (sGTM)

Google Tag Manager: Making the Move to Server-Side Tagging (series)
Server-side Tagging takes the concepts of Google Tag Manager and moves them to the cloud. Get the lowdown on the new setup aimed at improving data privacy, security, and overall efficiency in data collection. 

Data Layer Inspector Tool Updated for GTM Server side and GA4 blog

Tools: DataLayer Inspector+ Tool: Now Updated for Google Analytics 4 and GTM Server-Side Tagging
Our DataLayer Inspector Tool just got an uplift in versatility. Learn about the recent update that allows you to debug your New Google Analytics (GA4) and server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) setups.

We have a lot more valuable content planned for 2022! Be sure to visit the Adswerve Resources & Insights page for the latest insights into media and analytics through our industry experts, tools and more.

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