The Expertise You’re Looking For: Adswerve’s Best Blogs of 2022

December 15, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we’ve rounded up some of our top blogs from the world of media, analytics, data and cloud. We hope it will help inspire and set up your Team for success in the new year. So bookmark this blog and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Enjoy our best posts from 2022!


Read on to gain expert media tips on how to ease into the new Search Ads 360 (SA360), activate on durable first-party audience tactics and utilize inventory packages in Display and Video 360 (DV360).

Guide to navigating the new Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360: Your Guide to the New Search Ads 360 Experience
Explore the new Search Ads 360 experience with our handy expert guide.

DV360 blog image High-Value Ways to Activate on First-Party Audiences

Display & Video 360: High-Value Ways to Activate on First-Party Audiences
Cookie-based tactics continue to crumble. Luckily for you, this blog has the forward-thinking audience tips you need.

Blog image for Adswerve's Tips on Inventory Packages: Pre-Curated Inventory for DV360 Buyers

Media Buying: The Confident Media Buyer: Making the Most Out of Inventory Packages
Where can buyers look to feel confident with their media dollars? Learn how inventory packages can help.

Data & Analytics

Do your data right with these helpful tips and tricks, including the benefits of dual-tagging Google Analytics 4 (GA4), improving your data storytelling and customizing GA4 reports.

GA4 Dual-Tagging Blog

Google Analytics 4: Protect Your Data by Dual-Tagging Your Site With GA4 Today
The transition to GA4 is inevitable. Learn why dual-tagging now is still the best possible option for your data.

Adswerve Webinar Announcement Effective Storytelling

Data Storytelling: (On-Demand Webinar) Improve Your Data Storytelling
Deliver a data story that’s clear and memorable by adding these effective design visualization techniques.

Adswerve blog on GA4 Reporting

GA4 Reporting: Tips for Customizing GA4 Navigation and Reports
Improve your ability to gain insights by customizing your GA4 navigation and reporting.


Learn about the latest advanced cloud solutions with a look at Machine Learning (ML), server-side Google Tag Manager (sGTM) and our handy Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 BigQuery Export guide!

Adswerve BigQuery Machine Learning (ML) blog around unstructured data

Cloud for Marketing: Data Science, Machine Learning and Strategy
Let Solutions Engineer Pat Grady guide you through the steps you can take to boost success in ML process design and delivery.

Adswerve server-side tagging with GTM webinar on-demand

Server-Side GTM: Webinar (On-Demand): Introduction to Server-Side Google Tag Manager
Get a basic understanding of sGTM and how others are using it for improved performance and security.

Adswerve Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 BigQuery Export Guide part 1

BigQuery: UA to GA4 – BigQuery Export Guide
The migration to GA4 is in full effect. Learn everything you need to know about the GA4 BiqQuery Export.

Stay tuned! Our thought leaders are already working on new content for 2023! Be sure to visit our Adswerve Resources & Insights page for the latest insights into media, analytics, data and cloud!

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