Adswerve Training: A New and Improved Way to Master CM360

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Meet Sam. Sam is an Adswerve client who uses CM360, among other platforms. 

After finishing her CM360 implementation with our expert onboarding team, Sam is better prepared to take advantage of all that CM360 has to offer, but she still realizes the occasional need for a refresher on certain aspects.

For example, in navigating CM360’s conversion reporting technology, there are a lot of little nuances to consider around Floodlights, including:

  • How to create CM360 advertisers
  • How Floodlight tags work
  • How to configure Floodlights
  • How to build Floodlight activities
  • Global site tags and more 

As an Adswerve client, Sam already has access to a wide variety of on-demand training videos via Adswerve Connect, but now, she can find a new series of short and focused CM360 training videos. Videos that contain only one topic at a time–such as creating placements or generating audience lists–so that she can easily find what she needs when she needs it.




Find the new CM360 videos and many more on-demand learning resources on the Training Academy>On Demand Learning tab of Adswerve Connect.




Introducing Our Updated CM360 Training Series

Adswerve's Training & Development Team is proud to announce a new series of CM360 training videos ready to become part your digital marketing toolkit. Featuring twenty-four videos with over 129 minutes of runtime, the new collection reimagines our previous CM360 video offerings and sprinkles a little L&D magic on them. 

Our updated CM360 series includes:

  • Newly recorded material with the latest tips and information 
  • A concise and focused format that lets you learn or refresh your knowledge faster (only one video is over ten minutes; the majority are under five!)
  • Single-concept video highlights to make it much easier for you to find exactly what you need

CM360 Training VideosCheck out our latest CM360 Training Videos!

A Faster, More Effective Way to Cement Your CM360 Knowledge

The updated trainings continue to cover all the basics, from “The Principles of Ad Serving” to “Running Attribution Reports,” but they are now also scaffolded so that each video builds upon the content of its predecessors. This means that if you need to onboard a new team member, you can direct them to Adswerve Connect to quickly catch them up to speed.

Need access to our game-changing trainings? Reach out to learn more about Adswerve and our extensive range of media, data and analytics services.