Adswerve Named Digiday Awards Finalist for Best Search Campaign

November 22, 2022

It’s awards season, and we’re honored that nominations keep rolling in! In addition to being nominated for an AdExchanger Award for our GA4 Data Layer Tool and a WorkLife Award for Best Hybrid Work Environment, we’re a Digiday Awards’ Best Search Campaign finalist for our work with Alaska Airlines!

The campaign included building a data warehouse using BigQuery in Google Cloud to tie Alaska’s first-party data together across CRM, media and site analytics and creating predictive lifetime value (pLTV) models using Google Cloud AutoML. 

We then fed the predictive scores in the Campaign Manager Conversions API and used the data in Search Ads 360, setting up an Auction Time Bid Strategy to quickly, predictively and programmatically bid to pLTV. Activating the information across Alaska’s Google platforms led to a 30% increase in return on ad spend and helped the company earn $1 more per paid search click. 

Digiday will announce the winners on December 8th. Stay tuned!