Adswerve Leaders Weigh in on Google and Privacy Changes

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With myriad privacy changes underway and Google moving from offering managed services to focusing on product development, marketers are working toward shifting their digital strategies. Instead of using third-party cookies to know exactly who to target, they’ll have to find new ways to use their first-party data to predict the right way to reach audiences. 
"From a marketing standpoint, we were in the Precision Era, leveraging the DoubleClick platform, or now (known as) the Google Marketing Platform. We had the opportunity to really leverage cookies, leverage user IDs, and target (consumers) precisely. Now we're stepping into the Predictive Era. You're no longer going to have cookies, you're no longer going to be able to leverage these unique identifiers. But there are different ways to target now in terms of how you can leverage cloud technologies.” - Scott Sullivan, Adswerve Chief Sales Officer in Forbes
Adswerve Chief Sales Officer Scott Sullivan and Director of Partner Relationships Peter Crofut were recently featured in a Forbes article , sharing four key digital marketing trends that impact the tools, processes, and organizational structures organizations need to succeed in the new landscape. Check out the article by David Bloom “From Precision to Prediction: Four Ways Online Ads Are Evolving Amid Google Changes, New Laws” to learn how you can thrive in the predictive era. Then contact us with any comments or questions.