Adswerve in the News: Better Data Collection for Improved Brand Safety

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Customer expectations are changing rapidly, and marketers are struggling to keep up, threatening brand safety. Using your first-party data to understand customers’ wants, needs and preferences can help. But to get that first-party data and protect brand safety, you need a solid data collection strategy. 

Adswerve Senior Analytics Manager, Enterprise, Dani Brandtjen recently wrote an article for Street Fight that shares how to get started. In “Designing a Data Collection Strategy That Improves Brand Safety,” she covers:

  • Why you need to be strategic about data collection
  • The elements your data collection strategy should include 
  • How to create a data collection process
  • How to adapt your strategy to real-world changes

Read the full article to learn how to create a data collection strategy that can ultimately improve your brand safety. Please be sure to let us know if you have any questions or need help!