Adswerve Founder Clint Tasset Introduces New CEO Roger Berdusco

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It’s an exciting time at Adswerve! We have a lot of unique opportunities and exciting adventures ahead of us that I’m thrilled about and invigorated by. As we head toward those new milestones, I want to share some news about my role in the company.

As you may know, I started Adswerve 13 years ago, and it’s grown to employ more than 275 employees. I’m incredibly proud of everything Adswerve, our clients and our partners accomplished together, and am thrilled about what’s to come. Today, I'm announcing that I'm transitioning to a new role at Adswerve: Founder and Board Member.

The board and I appointed and approved Adswerve Board Member and Advisor Roger Berdusco as CEO. Please join me in warmly welcoming Roger to the role! I know he’ll want to introduce himself to you at a later date, but I want to sing his praises first, so you know that Adswerve is in excellent hands.

(Left to right) Clint Tasset, Adswerve Founder and Board Member, with Roger Berdusco, Adswerve CEO
(Left to right) Clint Tasset, Adswerve Founder and Board Member, with Roger Berdusco, Adswerve CEO

Roger’s background includes senior marketing leadership roles at companies like PepsiCo, Inc. and Conagra Brands in new product development and innovation and for agencies (he was most recently CEO at Triad Retail Media). He has a profound understanding of both direct marketer and agency segments and can deepen Adswerve’s capabilities, expand and develop the team and take Adswerve to the next phase of maturity.

Roger has been on our board and heavily involved in our business for four years. He plans to maintain the Adswerve culture and emphasize innovation, being a customer-centric organization and leveling up our DEI initiatives. He’ll apply his experience, creativity and eye for expansion and efficiency to today’s Adswerve to strengthen us for tomorrow. Roger will continue to serve on the board as well.

Ever the visionary, I'm truly invigorated by this transition. It allows me the freedom to drive change in new and creative ways at the board level. I'm excited to help bring a new phase of growth and success to the company I founded.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about this change. We value your continued partnership and look forward to a fantastic year ahead!