Adswerve Ebook: A Digital Marketer's Guide to Third-Party Cookie Deprecation

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The third-party (3P) cookie deprecation countdown is on. Google recently announced that it will deprecate 3P cookies in its Chrome browser in early 2025, while Safari and Firefox have already made the change. If you haven’t started, it’s time to devise new measurement and attribution strategies that rely on first-party (1P) data instead of 3P cookies. It’s not an overnight endeavor; there are several steps you need to take to make sure you’re ready. Adswerve can help. 

To learn more about how to prepare for the 3P cookie countdown, download our free ebook: A Digital Marketer's Guide to Third-Party Cookie Deprecation. It covers:

  • Common misconceptions about 3P cookie deprecation
  • How you can adopt a 1P mindset that includes AI, modeling and experimentation
  • Five steps for moving from strategy development to activation
  • How Adswerve can help you face the future with confidence

You’ll learn more about Google Privacy Sandbox solutions, user IDs, testing approaches, modeling, tagging solutions, APIs and more.

Are you and your teams prepared for 3P cookies to disappear? Our ebook includes a quiz to help you assess your readiness! 

Pro tips, actionable advice and strategic direction — A Digital Marketer's Guide to Third-Party Cookie Deprecation will help you confidently chart your path toward the new era of measurement and attribution. Download today!

Ready to learn more about how to shift your reliance from 3P cookies to 1P data and transform your ad measurement and attribution approaches? Let's talk about how we can help!