Adswerve Byline: How Consumers Feel About First-Party Data

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Charles_Farina - Adswerve Head of Innovation
Charles Farina
Adswerve Head of Innovation

Our head of innovation, Charles Farina, recently penned an article for Street Fight about the consumer state of mind on privacy in 2021. Read the article for findings from Adswerve’s 2021 survey, which uncovered today’s consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and actions regarding digital privacy. Charles dives into three key areas:

  1. Consumers’ contradictory beliefs and actions about data

“Approximately one-third of consumers reported they have benefited from sharing data with brands… Meanwhile, 32% of respondents said they wouldn’t accept any dollar amount in exchange for access to their data — even when provided an option of $1 million.”

  1. The knowledge gap in consumer privacy education

“Nearly two-thirds (67%) of respondents believe they’re cognizant of their privacy rights, but their actual knowledge on the matter says otherwise.”

  1. How and when consumers are willing to share their data

“Nearly 40% said they’re not comfortable sharing data with brands…” but, “47% of respondents said they would feel comfortable sharing their browsing history with law enforcement.”

Plus, he offers three ways you can succeed while protecting your users’ privacy. Hint: they all rely on first-party data. Take a look!