3 GMP Tips To Maximize Your Holiday Media Planning Success

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The digital media industry is ever-changing, and that’s part of what makes it so great. To help call out some of the recent media changes to keep in mind this holiday season, we’re comparing where the Google Marketing Platform (GMP) was at the beginning of the year with where it is now.  Understanding these trends will guide buyers to planning success for this holiday season and beyond.

1) Harness the Power of the latest GMP Tool Updates

Google is always analyzing and updating its Google Marketing Platform (GMP) tools to ensure they remain competitive and forward-thinking. Search Ads 360 (SA360) is their enterprise search engine automation platform. Display & Video 360 (DV360) is their programmatic powerhouse that buyers can use to buy Google O&O inventory, CTV/OTT, DOOH, Audio/Podcast, and Video. This year’s changes brought SA360 into planning conversations with DV360.

Beginning of Year:

  • Many Google Ads campaign features unavailable in SA360
  • YouTube in Google Ads and DV360 only

End of Year:

  • Performance Max (PMax) campaigns now available in SA360
  • YouTube in SA360, with limitations 
Things to Think About:
This year, Google released a new UI experience for SA360 to make it easier to manage campaigns across multiple advertising platforms and engines. While not all features are available yet, you can get a head start migrating most of your daily workflows to the new experience. 

2) Embrace Connected TV 

Connected TV (CTV) seems to be the “mobile” of the 2020s. Everyone is talking about its growth, but it is still a nascent inventory source. We’re all figuring out what audiences are doing with it and how to combat fraud, measurement, tracking, audiences, 3p integrations, etc. This year brought deeper advancements in DV360’s capabilities and another shift in how consumers are interacting with it.

Beginning of Year:

  • CTV in DV360 was static with limited 3p audiences and frequency-capping capabilities
  • Travel kicking off and people getting out of their houses again

End of year:

  • CTV in DV360 is compatible with Google Audiences and frequency management
    • DV360 will even recommend which 3p audiences to use instead of demographic targeting 
  • Recession potential is keeping people in, watching more CTV for entertainment
Things to Think About:
In Q4, we anticipate more of a focus on CTV and YouTube advertising due to the release of new TV series for the fall/winter season (i.e. House of the Dragon - breaking records, again!). At-home entertainment will be on the rise due to economic fears and we all are still taking advantage of those theater-to-home new releases straight from the comfort of our homes.

3)Utilize DV360's Growing Strength As a Product 

DV360 didn’t seem to have as many product updates this year as it has in the past, but those that were released significantly advanced buyers’ workflows, attribution and inventory consolidation efforts.

Beginning of Year:

  • Deals manually inputted 
  • Reliance on those with Partner level access to accept deals
  • YouTube conversions were tied back to all TrueView enabled floodlights
  • Digital Out of Home in beta with few partners and video only

End of Year:

  • More exchanges synced with DV360 through APIs like Magnite, FreeWheel, etc.
  • Beta to Import deals so those with Advertiser level access can accept/configure
  • YouTube for Action optimizes to a selected floodlight of your choice only
  • Digital Out of Home out of beta with multiple partners—and display!
Things to Think About:
Identify the internal key players you need to successfully manage all components of your programmatic campaigns. It's important that everyone has a clear understanding of the role they play in completing a seamless and streamlined workflow from implementation to reporting.

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